About Highwayman Bikes

Highwayman Bikes, founded by Jeff Henise, is dedicated to the preservation and continued development of two stroke engines, metal fabrication technology, and motorcycles in general.

Jeff Henise grew up in central California and fell in love with two strokes in 1989 at age 12 after restoring and riding a Bonanza mini bike with a Hodaka Ace 100 engine. Today he has owned over 20 two stroke powered dirt and street motorcycles and has built motors and custom parts for nearly all of them and many more.

Jeff was raised by a Dad who was an engineer, and a step Dad who was a muscle car builder. Jeff’s life as a gearhead started as a small child when his Dad taught him about gear ratios with tinker toys, and his step Dad taught him how to build engines. This combined inspiration, and natural aptitude toward craftsmanship, led Jeff to his first career as a welder, machinist, and metal fabricator. Later on Jeff left full time metal fabrication to pursue a formal education as a scientist, leading to a B.S. in Organic Chemistry, and a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Between his scientific education and hands on manufacturing experience Jeff has the unique ability to not only evaluate and apply theory, but to actually make things exist and work in the real world.

The technical drawings on the background of this website are actually drawings of parts built and modified in our shop.

The name Highwayman Bikes comes from The Highwaymen: Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson. Their albums have played for many hours in our shop, and inspired the original name Highwayman Pipes to describe our expansion chambers. If you ride a two stroke you have the spirit of the outlaw, born to run, born to ride! If you are an outlaw you need Highwayman Pipes on your bike!

Hopefully you will find the information on the site enjoyable to read and inspirational.

Apr-26-2014-AHRMA RACE 4 CDE_5464-Apr26-14

Jeff Henise on the Highwayman F37

Jeff Henise race results

2016 AHRMA GP250 Road Race – 1st place National Champion  (Highwayman F37)

2016 AHRMA GP200 Road Race – 2nd place National Overall  (Highwayman F37)

2016 AMA District 36 Enduro C Veteran  – 3rd Overall (Husaberg TE300)

2017 AMA Land Speed National Championship – 350-APS-AG 170.519 MPH (Highwayman – Orange Bird)