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Rebuild of a single cylinder press-pin crankshaft – How I do it.

A step by step explanation of how I rebuild simple crankshafts. -Jeff Henise

Design and construction of The Highwayman F37 road racing chassis, Part II

This is Part II of the F37 story that covers the design and fabrication of the thin wall chromoly road racing chassis. Construction of the engine and some racing footage aboard the finished bike can be found here in Part I.

Highwayman HPI ignition systems for the Honda CB160 CB/CL175 CB200 based road racers

Highwayman Bikes is now a official dealer for HPI ignition components.

We offer a high quality, bolt on, low inertia, magneto-CDI racing ignition for the small Honda twin GP200 class road racers! After spending a few years racing GP200 with AHRMA it became apparent that ignition failure was a leading cause of Honda riders missing races. Having had much success adapting HPI ignition components to run on our two stroke racers, we decided to share the wealth and make a reliable, race-quality, easy starting, high revving system for the Honda twins that wouldn’t miss a beat.

The Highwayman F37 a custom, purpose-built vintage road racer, Part I

This story highlights the creation of a road race engine from the fusion of two different enduro motors, as well as the design and fabrication of a custom racing chassis to house the “franken-motor.”