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Home of “The Orange Bird” – Bonneville’s Fastest Ride-on 350cc Motorcycle – 170.519 MPH (2017)

<<< August, 2017, Bonneville Salt Flats – Utah – USA >>>

The TZ350 powered – Highwayman Bikes – “Orange Bird” Became the World’s Fastest Ride-on 350cc motorcycle!!!

Rebuild of a single cylinder press-pin crankshaft – How I do it.

A step by step explanation of how I rebuild simple crankshafts. -Jeff Henise

Highwayman Pipe Tuning: exemplified for the Yamaha TD3 250cc twin

Achieving a specific tuning goal with pipe design.  The goal was to achieve equal or greater power while moving  the red-line from ~13,000 RPM to a max of 11,000 RPM. The pipes on the bike kept wanting to pull way past 11000 RPM, and the owner wanted to keep the power below that to preserve crankshaft life, while not loosing race winning power!

Complex stainless GP style pipes with 54 cones total!

This was a project for a friend who needed a custom set of expansion chambers for his Yamaha RZ350. This special RZ350 had been modified with an Aprilia RS250 swingarm. He liked the way Spec II RZ pipes performed  so we used them as a model, but also made some innovations. I call this design “RZ350 Spec III.”

Also included in this post are some pipes for a RZ350 motor in an RS250 chassis…